Cordeel HQ

About Cordeel Group

Cordeel Belgium is part of Cordeel Group. Cordeel Group is an independent family-owned business with 1.800 employees and an annual turnover of 940 million euros. With roots in Belgium, we have grown to become a major European player. Builders by heart, we are fully committed to personal attention, long-term relationships, quality, sustainability and service.

Your one-stop building partner

Cordeel Group has grown to become a major European player in the construction industry, and now oversee a number of companies, alliances and joint ventures. Cordeel Group is much more than a construction company. It is the one-stop partner for the complete construction process.  The companies that operate under the Cordeel Group banner are each highly specialised in their own field.  We work together or independently to create sustainable, future-proof solutions for our clients’ complex requirements. From this broad expertise, we take care of the complete construction process from design and technical support to completion and maintenance.