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Health & Safety, Quality and Environment

Since quality and safety are one of the values that define the identity of our organisation, it goes without saying that we consider them of paramount importance. In order to achieve our mission 'Building a passionate CO2-free future', we attach great importance to a healthy environment for all of us.

Health & Safety

An accident happens quickly, especially in the construction industry. Safety is therefore naturally our first priority. Among other things, we continuously train our staff, focus on programmes to improve awareness, behaviour and sensitisation, organise workplace inspections and select subcontractors who work safely.


Cordeel Zetel Temse, Cordeel Zetel Hoeselt, C-metal, C-concrete, C-wood and C-rental are VCA certified. This safety management system ensures an integral approach that promotes uniformity within the Cordeel companies with the aim of reducing the number of incidents and accidents. A specific HSE (Health-Safety-Environment) plan is drawn up for each project.

VCA** certificate Cordeel Zetel Temse

VCA** certificate Cordeel Zetel Hoeselt


We are proud to be known for the high quality of work we deliver. Every employee is dedicated and our QA/QC department strives for continuous improvement in everything we do and this within every department. Cordeel Zetel Temse and Hoeselt, C-metal, C-concrete and C-wood are ISO 9001 certified. This quality management system ensures a process-based approach to all our projects.

ISO 9001-certificate Cordeel Zetel Temse

ISO 9001-certificate Cordeel Zetel Hoeselt

Certificates & recognition

We have all the certificates and approvals needed to carry out our assignments successfully. Cordeel Zetel Temse and Cordeel Zetel Hoeselt are registered and approved contractors, registered under numbers 2369 (Cordeel Zetel Temse) and 4240 (Cordeel Zetel Hoeselt). Our most important accreditations:

Cordeel Zetel Temse

  • Category C, class 8
  • Category D, class 8
  • Category E, class 8
  • Category F, class 8

Cordeel Zetel Hoeselt

  • Category C, class 8
  • Category D, class 8
  • Category E, class 8
  • Category G class 7
  • Category V, class 8


We give real meaning to our mission ‘Building a passionate CO2-free future’. We train our employees to be environmentally aware and make special efforts in the field of green technology, reducing our ecological footprint and social commitment. Cordeel Zetel Temse and Hoeselt, C-metal, C-concrete and C-wood are ISO 14001 certified. Based on an environmental aspects analysis, we set targets and try continuously to improve .

ISO 14001-certificate Cordeel Zetel Temse

ISO 14001-certificate Cordeel Zetel Hoeselt

Wondering how we contribute to a more sustainable society?

Read our Sustainability Report

Certificate CO2-performance ladder Cordeel Zetel Temse


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