Cordeel never stops innovating. We are committed to circular construction, work on innovations to reduce energy consumption and develop new concepts for fire safety and personal security. Our overarching innovation unit accelerates developments in these areas across all Cordeel Group companies.

CD20: sustainable modular precast concrete

There are increasing calls for sustainable building methods that combine greater efficiency with rapid construction and low environmental impact. In this respect, our modular precast concrete system, CD20, is extremely well-suited: assembly is very fast and clean; it is material saving, demountable and reusable; and it features concrete core activation. CD20 reduces the building height of each floor by 20-30 cm. For residential tower blocks and hotels, this can quickly add up to having an extra floor when compared to a usual building of the same height. CD20 contributes to CO2-neutral construction and has already been used to realise hundreds of buildings across the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany.


BIM (Building Information Model)

With BIM, each and every building element can be included in a digital 3D model, whether it involves, for instance, reinforcement in a concrete column, Gyproc walls or duct systems. It creates a virtual collaboration model which all construction parties can derive information from and contribute to.

BIM evolves from a conceptual idea to an overall plan with any technical difficulties becoming obvious at an early stage. Solving these problems in the virtual environment results in enormous increases in time- and cost-efficiency on site. The model is also invaluable for maintenance and post-delivery management. We therefore work with BIM for every project.


Sustainable construction

While our CD20 system is a vital step towards achieving circular construction, it's just one aspect of what we do. For example, sustainability plays a key role in our choice of materials and site activities as well as production processes are shaped by our environment-friendly waste policy. Moreover, raw materials and finished products are transported by water as much as possible to reduce road vehicle emissions. In addition, we work according to BREEAM and strive to realise passive buildings with the lowest energy consumption. The multifunctional design of our buildings means they are also suitable for other purposes without the need for renovation or demolition.

Would you like to know more about how our innovations could improve your construction project?
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