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Full service from start to finish

Cordeel is one of the largest construction companies in Belgium. We specialise in a comprehensive project approach, from initial plans through to the delivery of a high-quality structure that fully meets your wishes and requirements. This can include financing, maintenance and operation if required.

Value engineering = creating value together

By sitting at the table with the client and architect during the design phase of a project, we bring in expertise to work on optimizations at all levels from the beginning. This process involves examining all aspects of the project, including design, materials, equipment, and construction methods. It allows us to recommend alternative materials or construction methods that improve the overall value of the project. The goal is to achieve the same or better results, improved efficiency, at lower costs, without compromising functionality, quality, and safety.

The result is a feasible and executable design that takes into account the target budget and agreements.

In-house specializations for an optimized construction process

With Cordeel as a construction partner, you get more than just Cordeel. We work with the client to find optimizations for all phases of the construction process. For this, we can rely on our own production and assembly facilities for precast concrete, reinforcement steel, ironwork, carpentry, facade cladding, and prefab bathrooms. These independent and self-directed departments ensure high-quality construction and a streamlined process without unnecessary delays.

Focus on energy and sustainability

Cordeel has strongly focused on sustainability in recent years and aims for emission-free construction sites. Our Breeam coordination has allowed us to take big steps forward, with our C-fast construction system providing significant advantages. With solutions like green concrete, we also offer an answer to the increasing demands of the circular economy. Our loading dock in Temse enables us to transport steel, prefab elements, and other materials to the construction site by water, providing not only ecological benefits but also speed.

As an independent entity of Cordeel Group, C-energy develops sustainable technologies and applications that aim to address the energy transition and the associated challenges. These innovative applications encompass all aspects of energy management, storage, optimization, and trading. We offer Energy-as-a-Service tailored to your specific needs and budget, combined with a unique, patented energy storage concept.

Furthermore, through our sister company Imtech, we have all the expertise in Smart Buildings, of which our own headquarters are an excellent example.

In summary, Cordeel has all the expertise and solutions in place to develop and implement a groundbreaking energy management strategy for your project if desired.

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Our in-house know-how and production across various areas of expertise allow us to significantly reduce standard lead times. Various prefab solutions also contribute to this. For example, C-fast, a modular demountable prefab concrete construction system, provides high assembly speed (2 days per floor) with quality elements in standard or architectural concrete.

The BALQOON system allows for the installation of a balcony to the structure afterwards and at any time, even if the facade is fully enclosed.

With BALQOON, shoring is no longer necessary thanks to the ingenious and patented anchoring system. Additionally, the balustrade or railing can be installed on the ground or in the factory.

Challenging construction projects

We love complexity. We are well-known for delivering construction projects that are challenging due to their size, phasing, difficult site conditions, quick completion time or special method of execution. With more than 1.800 motivated professionals in the Cordeel Group, we are committed to a smooth and meticulous construction process. 

Throughout the process, we can count on our own carpentry and furniture workshop, steel-bending facilities, steelworks department and two prefab concrete factories. These are all full-fledged standalone units, which enable you to benefit from a smooth construction process and an extremely high-quality end product.

Do you have a complex or challenging project for us?
Whatever you want to build, Cordeel can make it happen. Kristien Olaerts is happy to tell you how.