How we work

We offer customised solutions for new construction, renovation and maintenance. Our work covers a broad range of sectors: industry and petrochemistry, logistics, offices, apartments, hotels, civil and hydraulic engineering, shipyards, culture, healthcare, sports and education. We are totally committed, work on the basis of mutual trust and emphasise the importance of genuine partnership.


As a reliable partner for the entire construction process, you can leave every aspect of DBFMO to us: design, building, financing, maintenance and even operational matters. For instance, through our sister company Vita Group, we are involved in the funding and operation of swimming pools. And by working with installation company Imtech, also part of the Cordeel Group, you can take advantage of our highly specialised knowledge when it comes to electrical, sanitary and HVAC installations. Our Cordeel Maintenance department manages a large portfolio of buildings, which means we know how to integrate the total cost of ownership (TOC) into the design process.


Construction team collaboration

Cordeel is also ideally suited to working as part of a construction team along with clients, architects, engineering firms, builders and other experts. Every team member contributes their own expertise, enabling all participants to benefit from each other's knowledge and know-how. A brief overview of our contribution.

  • Delivery and installation of high-quality, custom-made products.
  • Accurate cost estimates for metalwork and woodwork.
  • CD20 precast concrete elements: shorter construction time and very cost-effective.
  • Operation and maintenance combined with in-depth knowledge of these fields.
  • Maximum insight into life-cycle cost (LCC) and total cost of ownership (TOC).
  • Extensive and complete as-built file in BIM with all technical information.

Public-private partnership (PPP)

We also have extensive experience with public-private partnerships, for instance with the government as a public partner and Cordeel as a private partner. Projects may involve renewing an urban district or an industrial estate or renovating a school. Cordeel is able to finance all or part of the project and then rent it out to the public partner. At the end of the lease, the public party can take over the property according to a previously agreed amount and set conditions. This is just one example as PPPs can take many different forms. We would be delighted to tell you more.

Would you like to know more about the benefits of our approach?
Dirk Verschueren and Kristien Olaerts will be happy to explain how your project can benefit from our way of working.