How we work

We offer customised solutions for new construction, renovation and maintenance. Our work covers a broad range of sectors: industry and petrochemistry, logistics, offices, apartments, hotels, civil and hydraulic engineering, shipyards, culture, healthcare, sports and education. We are totally committed, work on the basis of mutual trust and emphasise the importance of genuine partnership. Thanks to our extensive experience in various construction formulas, we can deliver high-quality projects that meet and even exceed our clients' expectations, regardless of the complexity or requirements of the project.


As a reliable partner for the entire construction process, you can leave every aspect of DBFMO to us: design, building, financing, maintenance and even operational matters. For instance, through our sister company Vita Group, we are involved in the funding and operation of swimming pools. And by working with installation company Imtech, also part of the Cordeel Group, you can take advantage of our highly specialised knowledge when it comes to electrical, sanitary and HVAC installations. Our Cordeel Maintenance department manages a large portfolio of buildings, which means we know how to integrate the total cost of ownership (TCO) into the design process.


Construction team collaboration

Collaboration in the form of a construction team has gained significant popularity in recent years. By involving Cordeel in the design phase with the client, architect, engineers, and other specialized partners to provide expertise, optimization can be initiated at an early stage on all levels. It is advantageous to involve the right partners (e.g., aluminum carpentry, technicians, etc.) in the pre-construction phase. This minimizes unknown factors and allows us to work towards the target budget. The result is a feasible and executable design. Collaboration in a construction team also allows for considerable optimization in terms of planning, as the construction process has been thoroughly examined and fine-tuned by all partners in advance.

One significant added value is our in-house production departments for precast concrete, metal structures, and wood carpentry, as well as our own warehouse and equipment such as aerial work platforms, telescopic cranes, and tower cranes,...

Because we strongly believe in the added values of construction team collaboration, Cordeel has made significant investments in a study department in recent years. It includes experts in relevant fields: Architecture (architects), Structural Engineering (structural engineers), Building Services (MEP engineers), and market prices (estimators). They enrich your construction team with their knowledge of sustainable materials (reducing CO2 emissions), biobased materials, circularity, disassembly, innovative techniques, energy balance, BREEAM, WELL, GRO, Material Passports, BIM, and more.

Cordeel has extensive experience as a construction team partner. Together with our sister companies, we can contribute, if desired, to:

  • Accurate estimation of the required budget and its management during the construction team phase (impact of design changes on the budget).
  • Maximum insight into life cycle costs (LCC) and total cost of ownership (TCO).
  • Bringing partners (subcontractors/suppliers) to the table to directly incorporate the right information from the market during the design phase.
  • Transforming a "traditional" design into a "sustainable" design.
  • C-fast prefabricated concrete elements: shorter construction time and cost-effective.
  • C-energy: Proposals for advanced energy optimizations.
  • Off Site Belgium: Solutions for prefabricated bathroom units.
  • C-wood: Supply and installation of high-quality custom-made products.
  • C-biotech: Providing solutions for biobased materials (including hemp insulation).
  • Using Material Passports (Madaster) in the design phase to estimate the CO2 emissions of the designed building.

Barco Campus

For the Barco Campus project in Kortrijk, we collaborated with Barco, RDBM, Jaspers-Eyers, and VK architects+engineers. Starting from a quality manual and guiding design plans, together with Barco, we led this construction team, resulting in a stunning piece of architecture and technology.

To achieve the predetermined budget, optimal solutions had to be sought on all fronts, often requiring "out of the box" thinking. A brilliant example is the glass-printed plexiglass glazing around the floating meeting rooms in the atrium, which has won numerous awards. Furthermore, the technical installations were fine-tuned for sustainability and future maintenance through the necessary TCO-calculations.

One of the eye-catchers of Barco's The Circle is the metal structure of the atrium, which Cordeel co-designed and fully produced and installed through its production department, C-metal. This state-of-the-art design was one of the reasons Cordeel was chosen for this project.

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Kortrijk Business Park

Kortrijk Business Park

Kortrijk Business Park by Verstraete Development is a project acquired in a construction team in collaboration with Polo Architects and VK architects+engineers. In just three months, we, in close collaboration with the construction team partners, achieved the predetermined budget and finalized the design.

Thanks to our experts in prefab and wood carpentry, we convinced Verstraete Development to collaborate with Cordeel.

Moreover, our internal know-how allowed us to quickly and effectively find optimizations, such as presenting samples. This independence from third parties enables us to act swiftly.

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Additionally, all our realized PPP projects in a DBFMO formula serve as strong references in construction team collaboration, as in this formula, as a contractor, we sit at the table with other consortium partners to obtain the optimal design and accompanying price for construction and maintenance from scratch.

A notable example is the prison of Leuze, a DBFM project that included maintenance for 20 years.

Engineering & Build

Cordeel also has experience as a construction partner within an Engineering and Build collaboration. This construction formula, which encompasses both the technical design and construction, combines the expertise of architects, engineers, and contractors to ensure that the end product is not only aesthetically pleasing but also practical, structurally feasible, and compliant with necessary safety standards.

This approach leads to a more streamlined and efficient construction process, as potential issues are identified and addressed early in the design phase. As a result, projects can often be completed faster and more cost-effectively than through traditional construction methods. Moreover, this approach allows for more flexibility during the construction process, as the design can be adjusted to changing needs or circumstances.

Public-private partnership (PPP)

We also have extensive experience with public-private partnerships, for instance with the government as a public partner and Cordeel as a private partner. Projects may involve renewing an urban district or an industrial estate or renovating a school. Cordeel is able to finance all or part of the project and then rent it out to the public partner. At the end of the lease, the public party can take over the property according to a previously agreed amount and set conditions. This is just one example as PPPs can take many different forms. We would be delighted to tell you more.

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