Flexibility and bespoke solutions

The great advantage of having our own production facilities is that we are less dependent on suppliers. We can manufacture the most innovative, customised products which are then transported to sites by road or water. Our setup ensures high-quality structures and a streamlined construction process without unnecessary delays.

Cordeel puts a high priority on maintaining high quality standards. You can read our policy statement here.


Our factories in Temse and Hoeselt produce various elements and structures, such as beams, columns, walls, fa├žade panels, insulated sandwich panels and brick veneer panels. Specialised production teams work in climate-controlled areas fitted with ultramodern equipment and have access to a testing laboratory that closely monitors quality standards. Each year, we process 50,000m3 of concrete into first-rate prefab elements. Needless to say, both plants bear the KOMO quality mark (PDF). Our high-standard prefabricated concrete enables more rapid construction and can greatly reduce execution time.

At our steel-bending facilities, we cut and bend reinforcement steel to size. We process it into reinforcement elements, mesh and cages. These products are then sent either to our concrete factories or directly to the building site. Processing is fully automated, subject to strict quality standards and produces a minimum of residual waste. Both workshop locations have earned the KOMO quality mark (PDF). Our in-house steel-bending facilities allow us to produce a wide range of prefab concrete elements to meet your precise specifications.



Our steelworks department has grown considerably in recent years and manufactures all types of structures in hot-rolled steel, including large spans, awnings and trusses. The workshop is 15,000m2, has a lifting capacity of 40 tonnes and can produce 1,000 tonnes of products per month. The plant is largely powered by renewable energy and includes state-of-the-art robots for welding, drilling, sawing and cutting. The result: smart, fast and sustainably produced customised construction components, ranging from geometric structures to the most complex architectural tours de force.



Advanced production methods are used to create high-quality, tailor-made woodwork in our modern carpentry and furniture workshop. We manufacture and install both interior and exterior woodwork, including window frames, counters, cabinets, wall cladding and stairs. We can therefore furnish your reception area, restaurant, conference rooms or offices according to your specific needs. There is a strong focus on sustainability throughout the production process. For example, wood waste and sawdust are used to create new wood products.

What do you want to build?
Whether your plans are still at the concept stage or already detailed, Dirk Verschueren and Kristien Olaerts will be happy to explain how we can organise your construction project.