Bio-based materials

Bio-based materials will play an increasingly important role in our stride to reduce the embodied carbon of our buildings and solutions.

Bio-based materials offer a plethora of advantages:

  • Helps to reduce the embodied carbon of buildings
  • These materials can actually sequester carbon
  • Tends to be a healthier choice than the alternatives currently used
  • Increased recyclability (and sometimes biodegradability) compared to fossil alternatives
  • Lower pollution risk

It is our ambition to structurally increase bio-based materials in our projects.


Hemp as a bio-based building material

C-biotech and the University of Hasselt conducted research on using hemp for (soil) remediation. Hemp roots absorb pollutants like PFAS and nitrate, leaving stems pollution-free for making durable building materials. C-biotech will develop bio-based construction materials and measure their impact with life cycle assessments, reducing the carbon footprint of buildings and promoting a circular economy. Possible applications include biocomposites for traffic signs and press wooden sheet material for sandwich panels with bio-based insulation.


Bio-based firefighting equipment

C-fire provides sustainable firefighting solutions, including fluorine-free extinguishing fluids and a 100% biodegradable fire extinguishing spray called Control Fire. We have already included products that meet future legislation requirements in our assortment. C-fire takes safety seriously and includes fire extinguishing tubes in all of our lithium-ion batteries.

To further enhance our product range, we have developed a 100% biodegradable fire extinguishing spray for small or early fires, called Control Fire. This product is also safe to use on humans as it does not cause irritation or harm if it ends up on sensitive areas such as the face, mouth or eyes. Additionally, Control Fire can also cool down and extinguish fires in batteries.

In 2023, we will continue the development of our biodegradable fire extinguishers and will investigate how to improve the recycling of extinguishers, together with Flanders Make and other partners.

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