Accelerating the energy transition

Cordeel and its sister company C-energy strive to develop new sustainable technologies and applications that provide solutions to the challenges and opportunities presented by the energy transition. Our comprehensive range of solutions covers all aspects of energy management, including energy monitoring and various as-a-service offerings. By adopting our solutions, customers can pioneer new approaches to the continuously changing energy landscape, reduce their operational carbon and be at the forefront of sustainable energy.

Energy storage

Energy storage will play a vital role in any future-proof energy management strategy. Battery technology can help optimise the use of renewable energy sources by matching our customer’s energy consumption with their energy production.

  • Optimising energy related costs
  • Balancing the grid
  • Risk mitigation

Energy hills

Our patented Energy Hills are powerful hydro batteries that function as both energy assets and ecological landmarks.

This concept is highly versatile, suitable for developing open land plots, as well as (re)developing brownfields, (abandoned) industrial sites or historic landfill locations. A water-bound site is preferred to enable waterways for transport, minimising the need for trucking.

PV panels

Energy as a Service:

The C-energy department within Cordeel Group offers 'as-a-service' solutions, an all-in-one consulting and solutions approach guaranteeing a lower electricity bill, increased price certainty per kWh and a guaranteed renewable energy offering. 

  • Power As A Service: PV, batteries, EV-chargers
  • Heat As A Service: exploiting low carbon heat networks
  • Efficiency as a Service: energy efficient solutions (including renovation)
Cordeel HQ

Energy sharing & Energy communities

A Community Energy System (CES) is a reliable on-site energy system powered by a community of renewable energy sources. They design and connect a site’s energy generation and consumption into a smart local community of solar panels, batteries, smart meters and more.  This way, operators can manage the greater uncertainty of on-site renewable energy sources without supply disruption or damage to cables. Furthermore, the system automatically promotes operational safety and energy savings.  

To improve our understanding of community energy systems, Cordeel has turned its headquarters in Temse into an operational site to showcase a CES.

MEAM microwave technology


  • Electrification of construction sites: To reduce our CO2 emissions during the construction phase, we deploy electric construction site equipment: for example, electric aerial work platforms and wheel loaders are available at our company C-rental. The use of our mobile yard batteries allows us to replace conventional power generators, thereby greatly reducing CO2 emissions al whilst carefully monitoring consumption.
  • Electrification of industrial processes: MEAM, which stands for ‘Microwave Energy Applications Management’, specialises in developing smart and low-carbon solutions for the electrification of various industrial processes such as heating, drying and pasteurisation. Industrial microwave technology can successfully heat suitable materials directly to the core without transfer losses or the need for heat transport mediums like air or steam.

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