Construction started at Brinktoren

On Thursday, March 23, the official start of the construction works for Brinktoren, a 90-meter high tower in Overhoeks, Amsterdam, was celebrated. For the occasion, the construction site was turned into a beach tent, where the future owners, the alderman, and the construction team unveiled portraits that will soon be hidden forever.

Brinktoren, designed by Mecanoo architecten, aims to be a sustainable and vibrant vertical community, offering a diverse range of 400 affordable rental homes to a varied group of people. The plan includes a commercial plinth, social rental housing, and medium-rent housing from different owners.

Developed by Xior Student Housing and DubbeLL - Buurtontwikkelaars, BrinkToren not only prioritizes the social and health quality of its residents but also focuses on sustainability. With a negative EPC score, the tower will be the first energy-positive residential tower in the Netherlands.

The technical concept of this high-rise building is highly sustainable, utilizing an aquifer thermal energy storage (ATES) system to heat and cool the homes. Energy is generated by vertical solar panels on the facades and roof, and a 'power nest' (wind turbine combination) will be installed, Amsterdam's first. The terraces and roofs are designed as 'polder roofs', providing water storage and creating green courtyard gardens and roof terraces. The car park only offers space for electric shared cars and bicycles, further enhancing the tower's sustainability.

The project is expected to be finished in 2025.

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