Residential project 'In Compagnie' officially launched

Recently, the renovation works on the old Ambiorix Barracks and its transformation into the new residential project 'In Compagnie' have begun. This repurposing into a modern urban district will undoubtedly become one of the most unique and sustainable developments in the Tongeren area, featuring a mix of compact studios, spacious apartments, luxury lofts, and grand penthouses. The name 'In Compagnie' refers to the former military presence and the small-scale character surrounding the Parade Square, which will create a neighborhood that offers a cozy and vibrant living experience.

A new life 15 years after the last soldier

The old barracks are undergoing a true metamorphosis! The peacefully located residential site between Blaarstraat and the Kevie nature reserve is set to become a close-knit community offering a variety of experiences and ample space for living and commercial activities near the city center. By spring 2025, the first residents will move in, 15 years after the last soldiers departed in mid-2010. In the initial phase, the west wing will be renovated into modern and spacious lofts and apartments, compact studios for beginners, and duplex units. The duplex units will not only provide living space but also studio space, making them ideal for professions such as jewelers, antique dealers, and other artisanal or freelance occupations. A new floor with large luxury lofts will be added on top of the building using a wooden structure. Cordeel Group aims to offer a wide range of apartments in the market, creating a living experience site with ample space for both living and small-scale commerce.

"The development of the Ambiorix site, within walking distance of the city center and the train station, perfectly aligns with the city's policy of repurposing existing heritage while also enhancing it with new functions. In Compagnie combines the best of both worlds: the historical story of the old military barracks combined with innovative housing options. We aim to preserve historically valuable landmarks in the city while also providing affordable and high-quality housing opportunities. Projects should cater to the housing needs of Tongeren, and we immediately sensed that with In Compagnie," said Mayor Patrick Dewael.

Contemporary living with respect for the old

The historic building will preserve its authentic facades but undergo a significant upgrade. The emphasis will be on contemporary and comfortable living with modern architecture and open spaces. Opening up existing structures, without compromising the building's essence, will allow abundant natural light to flow in. Other interventions, such as glass walls and high ceilings, will create that distinctive loft feeling.

The mix of residential types ranges from duplex units with a split-level layout to floor-through-apartments with 1 to 3 bedrooms. The duplexes feature a private front garden at the entrance side and a terrace overlooking the square, while the upper-level apartments have spacious terraces.

The unique character is further enhanced by the central, car-free courtyard, which will be a significant asset for all residents and users on and around the site. Easy walking and cycling connections, proximity to the train station and bus stop, as well as the nearby heart of the oldest city in Belgium and the peaceful natural area, contribute to the accessibility and attractiveness of this new residential environment.

In Compagnie will ensure a proper balance between housing, small-scale commerce, and ample space for relaxation, social interaction, and greenery.

Fossil-free and energy-efficient as additional sustainability assets

There is a great deal of emphasis on minimizing the ecological footprint during the renovation of the building. Only the interior finishes and unnecessary walls are removed, and the renovation is carried out with careful attention to preserving the building's structure, allowing the open character and sense of space with high ceilings to shine. With creative interventions, the spacious terraces are placed within the large window openings, also providing shade from the high summer sun. The grand staircases are preserved, adding extra charm alongside the wide corridors that function as additional outdoor spaces.

In addition, In Compagnie stands out for its high energy efficiency and will achieve the NZEB-label (Nearly Zero Energy Building) through various energy measures. "Insulating the building envelope already provides the largest energy savings. Through geothermal energy, fossil-free energy is extracted from the deeper ground and delivered to the collective heat network, providing heating and cooling for each apartment through an individual heat station. An enjoyable temperature is guaranteed throughout the year in an energy-efficient manner," says Kristien Olaerts, Commercial Director of Cordeel zetel Hoeselt.

To create an extremely high-quality and sustainable environment with a strong identity and with due attention to preserving existing quality green spaces, a landscape architect is also appointed for the entire site.

Buyers pay only after completion

When purchasing real estate, banks often require a significant down payment from buyers, sometimes up to 25% of the purchase price. However, potential buyers may not always have the financial means to pay an additional loan on top of their rent or existing mortgage for their current residence.

This project offers the perfect solution! The buyer only pays the full purchase amount after the completion of their apartment. This way, buyers can avoid simultaneously repaying a loan for their current residence and a loan for their new home. It gives them the necessary flexibility and time to sell their current house and achieve the best possible outcome.

For more information about In Compagnie, please visit the website: ww.incompagnie.be

Kristien Olaerts, Commercial Director Cordeel Hoeselt – 0486/64 29 53
Annick Geldhof, Project Developer C-Living – 0493/09 32 03

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