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Design, construction, funding and maintenance of multifunctional sports centre

DBFM project for Schotte Site in Aalst

The Flemish Government commissioned us to design, build and arrange the funding of an integrated sports complex in Aalst. We were also contracted to carry out the maintenance of this centre for a 30-year period.
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Project properties

Project name
DBFM project for Schotte Site in Aalst
Site Schotte - Aalst
Flemish Government
Type of contract
DBFM (Design - Build - Finance - Maintain)
March 2015 – December 2016


The spacious complex houses a sports hall for ball games, badminton and tennis and a martial arts room. It also has a dance studio that can be used for martial arts and fencing, a gymnasium and a fitness room with a sauna. Naturally, there are various support facilities as well, including a storage space and 21 changing rooms for groups, athletes, referees and people with disabilities. The centre also has stands for watching events, a central reception desk, a first aid room, a restaurant and sanitary facilities. In addition, there is a multi-purpose room for up to 120 people that can be used for meetings, presentations and events.