Cordeel starts building works on Campus Drie Eiken in Wilrijk

On Monday 12 December 2022, Cordeel will start working on Campus Drie Eiken in Wilrijk, home to 10000 students, researchers and staff. The UAntwerpen campus will be extended with 226 student housing units, a new restaurant and a sports hall. Construction will take two years.

The new infrastructure, designed by POLO, follows UAntwerpen's expansion and the need for a vibrant heart on the campus. XL FUND, a long-term collaboration between investor/owner Xior Student Housing and property developer LIFE, will develop the project on the principle of long lease, making the developer also the long-term end investor and manager.

The new facilities will be erected on the existing car park 3 in order to preserve the existing green space.
The building envelope is constructed using the patented C-fast prefab system, developed by Cordeel. This system has the advantage of virtually eliminating the need for beams. Beam, column and slab form one flat unit.

Sister company Imtech is partner for the electrical installations.

The project includes;

  • the new construction of 226 student housing units spread over 2 volumes, a tower volume and a beam volume;
  • the new construction of a small supermarket, a number of small food bars and a bicycle repair shop, linked to a large new bicycle shed, integrated in the beam volume;
  • the new construction of sports infrastructure, consisting of a gym, strength hall and 2 sports fields;
  • the new construction of a restaurant, integrated into the sports hall volume;
  • construction of a new ground-level outdoor car park under the sports hall volume;
  • the reconstruction of car park 2;
  • the construction of a new 4,395 m² square with water feature and greenery around the new building volumes, resulting in a new beating heart for the university campus.

Sustainability is central to this 'climate-adaptive' project. Geothermal energy and heat pumps will be provided to ensure a completely fossil-free future, with maximum comfort in terms of heating and cooling; in addition, a lot of attention will be paid to building intelligence and demand-controlled lighting.
During the construction phase, Cordeel will optimally follow the rhythm of the students with limited noise during examination periods.

Earlier, Cordeel also built research centre Vaccinopolis on Campus Drie Eiken.


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