High architectural quality residential project

Construction of Zuidzicht residential complex

Cordeel is building 330 luxury apartments (in four successive phases) in a trendy new neighbourhood on the Kanaalkom in Hasselt. A large underground car park for residents is to be built under the complex. Zuidzicht residential complex will meet the most stringent requirements for housing quality, sustainability and energy efficiency.

Project properties

Project name
Construction of Zuidzicht residential complex
Kanaalkom, 3500 Hasselt
Kolmont Woonprojecten
Buro II + Archi + I
In progress

Architectural highlight

Subtle nautical references will make this project an architectural highlight: it will be as though four majestic cruise liners are moored in the marina of Hasselt. Large patios and floor-to-ceiling windows will enhance the spacious feel of the apartments. High-end insulation, good airtightness and a smart mechanical ventilation system will significantly reduce energy bills.