First energy-positive residential tower in the Netherlands

BrinkToren in the Overhoeks district of Amsterdam-Noord

Construction is underway on BrinkToren in Amsterdam-Noord. Comprising 400 rental apartments spread over 28 floors, this 90-metre-tall residential tower will complete the high-rise strip in the Overhoeks district of the city. A new landmark building with impressive sustainable features, including energy generation and abundant greenery, BrinkToren will form a vibrant and socially cohesive vertical neighbourhood. Upon completion in 2025, the complex will help reduce the housing shortage in Amsterdam and make a positive contribution to the local living and working environment.

Project properties

Project name
BrinkToren in the Overhoeks district of Amsterdam-Noord
Culture, Offices, Housing
30883.00 m²
Cordeel Amsterdam VOF, Van Rossum Raadgevende Ingenieurs (constructie), Homij Grote Projecten (E/W installatie)
General Contractor
Xior Student Housing (Xior BrinkToren NV), DubbeLL buurtontwikkelaars, Ymere en Gemeentelijk Vastgoed (wooncorporatie),
Type of contract
Breeam-NL Very Good
Q3 2022 - 2025

Mix of homes and amenities

BrinkToren’s 400 residences will include 100+ social housing properties for Ymere housing cooperative, 30 assisted living apartments and more than 250 mid-priced rentals for property manager Xior. The project will also house various amenities and leisure facilities, including ground floor restaurants that will welcome residents and people from the surrounding areas.

First energy-positive residential tower in the Netherlands

BrinkToren will create social value and a healthy environment for residents. As the Netherlands’ first energy-positive residential tower, the technical concept is highly sustainable. The design has achieved a negative EPC score thanks to a ground-coupled heat exchange system for heating and cooling the apartments and vertical solar panels on the façades and the roof for generating electricity. ‘Polder roofs’ will also be added to collect and store rainwater and create green courtyard gardens and roof terraces. Vehicle-to-grid charging stations in the car park will regulate solar and wind energy streams and provide flexible storage capacity to alleviate electricity grid pressure and act as buffers.

Building faster and safer

As a project, BrinkToren demonstrates Cordeel Amsterdam’s exceptional expertise in high-rise urban construction. Since logistics will be hugely challenging on the construction site due to limited space, we will be using prefabricated elements. Many high-risk work activities will therefore be carried out off site in a controlled environment resulting in a superior quality build at a faster tempo. This means that residents will be able to occupy BrinkToren sooner and during construction the city and surrounding areas will experience less inconvenience.

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