DAF fabriek

High-tech extension of cab plant

Factory expansion for DAF Trucks

Cordeel is constructing new cab body welding and cab trimming facilities on the site of DAF Flanders, an expansion of approximately 34,000m² to the existing plants. The project also involves new offices, meeting rooms and facilities for employees.
DAF magazijn
DAF fabriek

Project properties

Project name
Factory expansion for DAF Trucks
Van Doornelaan 1, 2260 Westerlo
DAF Trucks NV
Logistics & Production
Archiles architectural firm BVBA
Completed/In progress

BIM coordination

We are additionally responsible for setting up and coordinating the BIM-3D process, in close collaboration with DAF Sites & Buildings, to assist with the construction of these high-tech factories. This will enable us to complete the building, including all the building-related technical facilities, in a very short period of time and to coordinate construction with the processing technology.

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