Longstanding relationship with Noord Natie Terminals

Tank farms in the Port of Antwerp

Our relationship with Noord Natie Terminals, tank storage and support services provider in the Port of Antwerp, goes back many years. We have built several tank farms here in different phases.

Project properties

Project name
Tank farms in the Port of Antwerp
Blauwe Weg – Port of Antwerp
Noord Natie Terminals
Logistics & Production
Cordeel Temse
2008 - 2014

Tank farms and more

We built an entirely new tank farm for Tank Field I. For Tank Field K, we not only built the tank farm but also took care of the loading station, the weighbridges, the pipe racks, the quay manifold and the infrastructure works. For Tank Field L and Tank Field M, we constructed the loading station, the quay manifold and the surrounding works in addition to building the tank farm. And for the expansion of Tank Field H, we were responsible for the loading stations, weighbridges, pipe racks and infrastructure works.

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