From inaccessible data centre to energy-efficient open work environment

Renovation of KBC data centre in Mechelen

We carried out a thorough renovation of this computer and data centre, for which we applied a variety of innovative energy-saving techniques. The centre’s energy use was reduced to just 10 per cent of previous consumption. During the construction work, parts of the building always remained operational.

Project properties

Project name
Renovation of KBC data centre in Mechelen
Egide Walschaertstraat - Mechelen
Goedefroo + Goedefroo Architecten

The new way of working

Owing to strict safety regulations for data centres, the original building had a closed appearance. Over time, the interior had developed into a patchwork of dark, unattractive spaces. The renovation was intended to create an open workspace suitable for the new way of working and also aimed to make it possible to accommodate additional staff. Thanks to a large number of innovative measures, the renovated building was already in compliance with the 2020 NZEB (Nearly Zero Energy Building) legislation as early as 2016.

Nearly zero energy

Due to the building’s natural ventilation, very little mechanical cooling is required. Moreover, as heat is recuperated from the data centre, no extra energy is needed for heating. Insulating measures, such as extensive insulation (K29) and automatically controlled, movable sun blinds on the outside, contribute to the low energy requirements of the climate control system. LED lighting, 1,600 m2 of window space for abundant daylight and presence-absence detection keep energy consumption for lighting low. Solar panels, which together generate 167 KWp, supply the building’s energy needs.